Launch Date: SOLD OUT

The GODz incubator is designed to help artists, creators and existing brands launch their NFT, App, Game, or any other experimental projects successfully.


Project Roadmap

  • Slowly sell out the entire first batch of GOATz. We’ve purposefully set them at a price that ensures a slow mint and time to build further utility.
  • Launch GOATz sacrifice mechanic with next in-house collection. Future collections will also have utility such as revenue sharing and more.
  • Launch GOATz future batches.
  • GOATz Idle game. Completely dao operated where the dao will have 100% control over the direction of the game. Godz team will assist in the development and man power, but Godz holders come up with the ideas/rewards etc.

Sold out



GOATz is the first project to enter the realm of Solaria. These cute little guys are only mintable using the GODz native token $MYTH. For now, GOATz will serve as a PFP collection with a lottery mechanic. If the fortunes shine upon you and you mint 1 of the 100 Golden Goatz, you will receive .25 solana when sacrificed. If the GODz truly favour you and you mint 1 of 25 Astral goatz, you will receive 1 solana when sacrificed. For future utility, GOATz will serve as a resource within the GODz ecosystem. Allowing you to sacrifice them in exchange for other exclusive in-house collections. These collections will also have utility and Goatz is your key to unlocking them!

Frequently Asked Questions

Still want to know more?

The GODz incubator platform is built to make building an NFT project accessible for anyone. If you still have questions, suggestions, and concerns, we are more than happy to answer them.

Yes, depending on the size of the project. You could make upto 1% of the mint just for getting a project to launch on our incubator… If the project raised $1 million in the mint you could receive up to $10,000.

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