Upcoming Projects

In Negotiation

Lords of the Underverse

Launch date: TBC

LOTU is a collection that will directly integrate with a free to play auto battler called ‘Battle for the Underverse’. Mint your very own Lord and establish your realm. Collect an army of minions and battle your way through the underverse.

Coming Soon


Launch date: TBC

SCROLLz will be the key to a GODz expansion collection that will bring revenue sharing for the Mini-game platform into the hands of its holders.

Coming Soon

Compounding Clouds

Launch date: Q2 2022

Compounding Clouds is an NFT collection purely engineered for generating the strongest and most sustainable source of passive income for holders. We’ll do the research, assess risk, create projections, and plan the best approach so you don’t have to.

Coming Soon

The Storytellers Guild

Launch date: Q2 2022

Welcome to the world’s premier storyline publishing house! Whatever your nft ideas, the storytellers guild is a network of amazing writers, editors, creative minds, and artists, drawn together with a singular goal: to provide your nft project with the greatest backstory possible.

Coming Soon


Launch date: Q2 2022

CommuNFTy is a representation of 200+ cultures/ethnicities from all over the world with a unique design that will take you into a magnificent discovery of other ways to live, eat, dance and create. Their mission is to create a bridge between the artistic world of NFT’s and the cultural real world that makes us who we really are.

Coming Soon

Shadow Looters

Launch date: TBC

Shadow Looters is a Play2Earn top-down browser based tactical team shooter. Earn tokens through skilled gameplay to unlock Mystery Boxes containing Solana NFTs. There will be 5 unique clans (Elves, Knights, Vikings, Ninjas, and Pirates) with a 5k total supply.

How we help

Why use the GODz incubator?

Full service support with NFT integration and minting

Guidance on project strategy, roadmap & launch

Expert consultants in tokenomics, marketing and dev

Exposure and market feedback from our community of 10k+

Art development and branding services

In exchange, we’ll take an upfront fee or % of the collections NFTs and mint funds to be distributed to our team and GODz NFT holders.

Frequently Asked Questions

Still want to know more?

The GODz incubator platform is built to make building an NFT project accessible for anyone. If you still have questions, suggestions, and concerns, we are more than happy to answer them.

Yes, depending on the size of the project. You could make upto 1% of the mint just for getting a project to launch on our incubator… If the project raised $1 million in the mint you could receive up to $10,000.

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